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It was the 10th of January of 49 BC.

The commander, who came from Gaul to the Rubicon River with his own legion, was still hesitant. All he could do was go back and forth along the hill. As soon as he passed Rubicon, he was sure that nothing would be the same for him or Rome. Suddenly he felt that the wind was starting to whisper in his ears: "Quo usque pro Roma ibis?". He startled. It was a heavenly sign which was coming from his ancestors, Gods. He made a decision to advance his legions to Rome by passing through the Rubicon. He didn't have any intention to allow miserable senators to further dishonor Rome's dignity. While the steps of the legions were shooking the earth, he stared at the other side of the river. He seemed to try to see the future. While he was thinking about the upcoming war, the following sentences were got out of his mouth: "Alecta fiesta est". Maybe these days, he was not completely sure that this decision would change the destiny of Rome and the history of the world. But Nothing would not be the same again. This commander was the conqueror of the Gaul. His ancestors were Prince Aeneas and Goddess Venus. He was the Gaius Julius Caesar

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